Our scheduled gigs are over. We are now focusing on the production of our first album.

In case you still want to organize something with us, just hit us up.

past shows

17.05.2018 - Kreativfabrik, Wiesbaden

27.04.2018 - m8, Mainz

01.04.2018 - Osterrock, Bingen

03.02.2018 - Baron, Mainz

13.01.2018 - PENG, Mainz

18.11.2017 - MühlenRock, Bad Kreuznach

11.11.2017 - AJK, Bad Kreuznach

23.09.2017 - Mühle, Bad Kreuznach

16.09.2017 - Dudelsack, Bad Kreuznach

03.12.2016 - Schalander, Kusel

12.11.2016 - Baron, Mainz



Skepticals are a rock duo from Mainz, Germany. Their music is defined by chunky riffs and driving rhythms. What makes them unusual is that – other than most well-known duos like the White Stripes, The Black Keys or The Graveltones – Skepticals don’t feature a guitar. Instead their tunes smash through everything in the way with only drums and bass accompanied by electronic samples and two voices. While clearly influenced by their heroes with the same lineup like Royal Blood or Death From Above 1979, the music of Queens Of The Stone Age, The Vines, Danko Jones or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club also runs through their veins and into their compositions.


skepticals live g
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